Car Seat Recall – Watch Out For Car Seat Recalls

Car Seat Recall – Watch Out For Car Seat Recalls
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Article: Car Seat Recall – Watch Out For Car Seat Recalls

When you purchase a car seat for your child, it’s important to keep up to date on any recalls that might occur.

Check the news frequently, and visit those websites that will keep you up on which car seat recalls might be in effect. But what should you do if the frightening happens, and your child’s car seat is recalled?

First, visit the website for the recalled seat, or call the toll-free number. The manufacturer will likely have a special webpage or phone line set up strictly for the recall.

Car seat companies do not mess around with recalls – they want your child to be safe! Follow the instructions on the website or phone line.

When you call or visit the website, have your child’s car seat handy. You may need a model name (found on the instruction manual) or a serial number.

You will likely be advised to continue using the seat until a repair kit reaches you. Remember, in almost every case, it is safer for your child to ride in a recalled seat than to ride in a car with no child safety restraint.

Another way to stay on top of car seat recalls for your child’s car seat is to register the seat with the manufacturer when you purchase it.

All car seats (like many products) come with a registration card. Most people just throw these away. When it comes to a product like this, it is important to register it and give the company a way to contact you.

While you can’t ensure they won’t use your address for advertisements and the like, at least you’ll know that you will be contacted should any recalls occur.

Remember, just because a car seat has a recall, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad seat. Errors occur in all manufacturing, and when these errors are found in a car seat, the company usually works very quickly to correct them.

If you still have concerns after a car seat recall, talk to someone at the company. They will probably be able to ease your mind, or recommend another course of action.

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