Citroen DS4 Design

Citroen DS4 Design
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Article: Citroen DS4 Design

French car design must carefully and expressed in general terms be described as “courageous”. The problem, particularly in the conservative German French market makes it had not always easy. When you do not want to be honest Citroen, on the contrary. However, the French want to build on days when cars from Citroen stood for class. Therefore, the Citroen brand name “DS” reactivated – 1955-1975 name for the Citroen par excellence: “La Déesse” – the goddess. Since the DS3 is the generic term DS convey a certain heritage and stand for the stylish, more luxurious versions of the Citroen model series.

The eternal yesterday turned up already in the new Citroen DS3 in the grave to wrinkling even when new DS3′s nose: the iconic luxury sedan DS, which had helped two decades, the French automotive industry to world-wide reputation as an eponym for a dinky small car pimped C3 ? More open-minded contemporaries, however, recognize this as a clever strategy – and quite handsome new models. So also with the available since May 2011 Citroen DS4, which provides technical basis of C4.

Basically, the statement seemed to have been the design of the DS4 to be provided to each design element with additional curves, corners and flourishes. That worked quite well even mainly, work details, such as the emphasis of the front wheel arch and worse still surround the coarse and “milled” elements in the rear intended to be placed.

Nevertheless, the overall package is achieved, the DS4 has with its style, the hidden rear doors and the like have a glass front acting window arrangement very coupe-like, even if the side line of transition to the rear somewhat compact looks and easy for us in the old venerable Rover 200 (surely just a coincidence) reminds.

Our conclusion: the Citroen DS4 is smart, but needs to subtract a few points in the B grade. Who is on design is better with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta (and cheaper) uses.

The Citroen DS4 starts from 20,700 Euro for the 120-hp DS4 VTi 120 in the basic equipment “Chic”. Marks the upper end of the flagpole at the petrol THP DS4 200 with 200 hp, the cost of the equipment in sport chic proud 28 400 €. For those preferring a diesel, must fork out between € 22 700 for the 110 bhp HDi 110 and 28 400 € for the HDi 165 with 165 hp.

Trouble with the order, however, is inevitable. On its price lists as of 1 June 2011 Citroen warns: “Due to resolve supply interruptions of our suppliers who are not currently able to, these are some of the models, options and colors not currently available”.

Source: carsnew.org
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