Driving Report: Alfa MiTo 1.4 TB

Driving Report: Alfa MiTo 1.4 TB
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Article: Driving Report: Alfa MiTo 1.4 TB

Unusual is the model name MiTo, but the more well-known brand, which sends the most nimble little car on the road: Alfa Romeo! Italian synonym for automotive passion! The MiTo idiosyncratic abbreviation stands for Milan, the headquarters of Alfa Romeo, and Torino (Turin), the headquarters of parent company Fiat. There, in the Fiat factory, the MiTo also rolled off the assembly line. The old Fiat factory in Turin Lingotto district was known by the break-in and test track on the roof of the factory building.

With the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde 1.4B MultiAir 16V 121 kW (170 hp) Alfa Romeo brought an impressive ambassador to the start, the typical design elements of the brand with the temperament of a drive system mated that made itself a name in motorsport. Whose base is the MultiAir gasoline engine, which finds its strongest character in the MiTo use. MultiAir? – The valves on the intake side are not mechanical – a camshaft – but controlled electro-hydraulically. This enables the stroke of the intake valves to adjust the actual air consumption of the engine, argues Alfa and lifts out for up to ten percent more power, this revolutionary engine technology up to 15 percent more torque at lower speeds and up to ten percent less fuel grant.

During driving, turns out the MiTo 1.4 TB Quadrifoglio Verde, the flagship of the series, as a paragon of power and temperament. The optional active suspension, called Dynamic Suspension (600 € extra charge), the type makes it especially fit for sporty forward movement. About three as “Alfa Romeo DNA” described modes can be adjusted to engine control, steering and road holding of the road conditions and driving style. When set to position “a” (all weather), the car is ready for critical conditions. Then set, for example, the stability program VCD earlier. “Extra sharp” contrast, pretends to be the advance when the “DNA-lever” is pushed by “n” (normal) to “d” as “dynamic”. Without the current accelerator pedal position is changed only slightly, the engine responds as if a small explosive charge was detonated. Like lightning changes the torque curve, the throttle is more direct, which undergoes a sportier steering and off it goes, as the turbo with a blow mobilize the last reserves.

You can get used to this fast and furious temper. But just like each has its price. On the highway with no speed limit on the test car burned during prolonged flight tests near the speed limit sometimes even 14 liters per 100 kilometers. Did savers would be repeated in view of the on-board computer-reported daily average consumption certainly not happy. In the test car, he leveled off between seven and ten liters. Nevertheless, from MultiAir savings rate may be mentioned. Finally, for a gasoline engine is amazing: 50 km / h. In his grumbling even in sixth gear without at speeds close to 1,000 r / min. About 100 km can be against this background, even a Quadrifoglio Verde MiTo 1.4 TB with about six liters of super bring when approaching moderate. There is actually a start-stop function, and they can be turned off. Nonetheless: Someone who is driven by savings virtuous ambition was to make purposeful attempts diet not just the sporty MiTo.

The car format. Well you can sit in front. Because the fit was in the pews to some extent incorporated the expectations sporty minded drivers and passengers. The seats give support. Those who take their place in the rear, less fixed, but comfortable. However, requires the switching on and off at a certain level agility. On the difficulty of entry or unthreaded changes little, that the front seats pushed far forward and their backs can be folded down. The width of the door, turned out pretty overweight, while helpful, but in tight parking spaces cross a disadvantage. It limits the opening angle, a two-door coupes send all known handicap.

For sporty and spirited driving experience listening joined the test car, mediated by the BOSE sound system (extra 550 €), which contributes to the well-being dignified atmosphere in the car. Car you do not go alone to simply get from A to B. Who only wants, needs to be creating any Alfa Romeo.

Dealing with an Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde is not particularly economical, but the typical virtues make a lot of fun. And when did they really have fun today!

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