Driving Report Dacia Duster dCi Prestige

Driving Report Dacia Duster dCi Prestige
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Article: Driving Report Dacia Duster dCi Prestige

You can not stop, Renault subsidiary Dacia. When she turns priced offers one thing after another. Now she has arrived at seduction number seven: the first model was followed in rapid succession Logan Logan MCV, Sandero, Stepway Sandero and Logan Express, Logan Pick-up and last as a compact SUV in the Duster. Dacia launched a general attack of quasi Einstiegespreisen models with well under 10,000 €, or something about it. But always as a major challenge for the competitors. Dacia is not out of breath, you can feel it. The brand is good for more surprises.

The test car Duster prestige marks the peak level, the motor will be met with a very modest 1.4-liter turbo diesel. It delivers 81 kW (107 hp). In the drive formation is held back the test object. It stood as a front-wheel drive (4×2) and (starting price: 11.990 €). The four-wheel drive (diesel or gasoline engine, a maximum of 77 kW/105 hp or 81 kW/110 hp), filled with a starting price of € 13 890. When quadruped up to 50 percent of the force will be directed to the rear wheels.

The 4×4 versions (with technology from Nissan bonds), but also the stronger front-wheel drive diesel version is given dCi 110 FAP a six-speed manual transmission. The very short first gear is to facilitate the start-up under difficult conditions.

Keeping up with the SUV trend, offering the Dacia Duster with either front-wheel drive. And so it probably contributes to the desire of most Duster-interested calculation. Finally, it is not on automobiles from spoiling, who opts for a Dacia. His car should have everything you need but not necessarily more. The purchase decision revolves around price and reason. If the choice falls on the Duster, which have certain genes SUV, but certainly also fired its attractive exterior design. The car presents itself as a wooing Dacia ambassador of good character. You look at him more often.

With 4.31 meters in length, the Duster is no giant but a long wheelbase and help respectable height unexpectedly spacious interior, which also benefits the knee and headroom for rear passengers. All persons on board can sit and relax, thanks to the elevated position with excellent visibility to all sides. While the presence of the test car with an attractive “mahogany-brown” (metallic) was an additional advertising could be inside, from integrated plastic landscape dominated, however, little enthusiasm, particularly as the plastic fumes – depending on intensity of sunlight – more or less in the rose nose.

Freaks is the lingering suspicion that the low-price segment, not much can be wrong with the suspension quality. Duster puts away a road bumps much better than expected. Little can be read a second time: Dacia vehicles are designed so that they work even there, to the satisfaction of their owners, where there are actually no roads in the traditional sense. A more unshakable impression left by a Dacia then where it comparatively harmless requirements are expected. It lets you neatly abverlangen what, probably even more so than four-wheel drive. The turbo diesel starts work on relatively noisy, but this behavior makes amends, if he really brings the Duster in motion, and about on the highway. Despite the obvious rather sparse targeted measures to reduce noise in the interior, lose the noise of the self-ignition in wind noise.

The Duster turns out to be a provocateur, but he attacked the phalanx in the lower price segment much more expensive, according SUV proud of Representatives. The one may not like the Duster at all. After all, who buys the Dacia falls away even as buyers of other SUVs.

For the lofty top dogs in the segment, it could be even more embarrassing. Namely, when Dacia farms a little motor upgrade and would not be at 110 hp and 240 Nm of torque circuit. Because an SUV with a clenched muscle strength of the Duster is truly not so. Motorized modesty fits but not quite an SUV, especially not to a supposedly intrepid four-wheel drive. Dacia was to rouse a little more guts.

The Prestige features, best on offer is likely to meet most customers’ wishes. ESP remains, however, even here only option. For visual appreciation of the top model help 16-inch alloy wheels, electric mirrors and roof rails in matt chrome. To the intricacies of the model include not only tinted rear and side windows, etc. a leather package and the “Sound & Climate Package MP3.

Dacia Duster data Cdi 110 FAP:

  • Length x width x height (in meters): 4.31 x 1.82 x 1.62
  • Engine (type, capacity): Four-cylinder turbo diesel, 1461 ccm
  • Max power: 79 kW/107 hp
  • Max torque: 240 Nm at 1,750 r /
  • Fuel consumption (NEDC combined) 5.3 l/100km
  • CO2 emissions: 139 g / km
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 11.8 s
  • Maximum speed: 171 km / h
  • Kerb weight / max. Total weight: 1,280 kg kg/1.755
  • Luggage capacity: 475 liters, a maximum of 1636 liters
  • Price: 16 890 €
  • Test car Price: 17,850 €


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