Hyundai Veloster Press Launch

Hyundai Veloster Press Launch
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Article: Hyundai Veloster Press Launch

Spectacular – this is probably the correct term to the work of the designers at Hyundai Veloster to appreciate. They have missed no opportunity to highlight this coupe from the ground: concave surfaces alternate convex with, nothing remains unformed, lines and creases, rising and falling, the broad Hyundai-face, which almost mounted tail lights and especially the pronounced wheel arches – the all missed the Veloster a distinctive appearance.

The eyes are working well, when for the first time a Veloster appearing before them. And discover later they always detail to which they have to get used to. However, let’s start with the view of the whole. The Veloster is a coupe with short overhangs and a gently sloping back, ending in a steep-round rear roof line. The tall, strong shoulders of the wedge and the following line to the rear windows tapers strongly indicate the spirit and ambition. Serve with the black A-pillars and also the black borders of the windows and the rear spoiler on the rear window and strongly curved – as exclamation points – the central exhaust tailpipes with two triangular, surrounded by a glossy black surface in the form of a diffuser.

In addition to the design of the Veloster still attracts a second peculiarity: He has two doors on the passenger side, real doors that can be opened independently of each other. That gives him more practicality than the pure coupe of this size and helps him with the same positioning as well as Hyundai “car for the young family ‘. In the mass to the 3000 for next year in Germany are to be sold but Veloster of singles, mostly to male under the age of 30 years.

The one-child family can be happy with the Veloster. The space for the child’s back – to prevent not like coupes in this class – despite the well-shaped, deep individual seats in the long run is not large enough for two adult Europeans. Children on the Isofix seat will enjoy because it gives them a view of the window edge.

For major shopping reaches the car. The luggage compartment beneath the large, heavily glazed tailgate holds at least 320 liters. However, balancing the need to purchase a high loading lip. The loading capacity may be increased to 1015 liters, as usual, by folding down the rear seat backs. The payload is also sufficient for heavy freight.

Who cares for such a car even such trifles as one, following the rear-end design and therefore, only a rounded neckline releasing tailgate. Who wants to be beautiful must suffer, said my grandmother. She had, however, a clear idea of ??the suffering worse than what awaits the Veloster users. He has a coupe that is clearly suitable for everyday use than others in its class. And he has a coupe, which is now truly in the eye.

What more could you want? Maybe power? The Veloster is powered by a 103 kW / 140-horsepower gasoline engine. Despite the relatively low weight of around 1300 kgs that is not enough for performance, which correspond to the shape. Hyundai specifies the version with the six-speed manual switch over 200 km / h and top speed and for the standard sprint 9.7 seconds. If you want more, must wait until the 208- hp, turbocharged engine is also offered for the Veloster.

Until then, he can console himself with the good, not just sporty looking, but also lateral support offered seats or to the multi-function leather steering wheel with three metal spokes, or the mixture of black and matte aluminum finish, the elements like the door handle, their shape and appearance you have ever seen on motorcycles, or the many lines in a good process and good surfaces. The interior also offers full design, much more than we would have expected of a car this size.

When driving shows the Veloster hardness. The long wheelbase has not used Hyundai for comfort. At least, one is always hard knocks again reminded that even Germany’s roads were better before. Such a thing is now called a European vote. The steering is direct and precise, and the six-speed manual transmission is among the best. And he’s not loud, not even at high speeds. Otherwise, you can experience it with models of Asian origin so still that explode above the American highway speeds the road noise.

It gives the Hyundai Veloster is available in two versions as Veloster 1.6 Style for a price from 21 600 € with 17-inch wheels and a host of facilities and as Veloster premium for 26 200 € with 18-inch wheels and a variety of equipment. Both versions can be for 390 € with extra-light wheels and start-stop system for blue Veloster equip 1.6. For the first-time Hyundai now offers a dual-clutch transmission with six gears to (supplement 1700 €). Navigation with voice guidance and reversing camera costs extra € 1300, the electric panoramic sunroof lift and € 1200 (both only for the premium version). With a metallic finish for 480 € cost of a fully equipped Veloster Premium with dual-clutch gearbox that is around 31 000 €. Hyundai has just learned not only the design spectacular.

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