Infiniti Etherea

Infiniti Etherea
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Article: Infiniti Etherea

Infiniti has big plans in the coming years. The Japanese manufacturer of luxury cars had already been 22 years ago, his go-ahead for the U.S. market three years ago and came to Europe. Now we are in for the first time at the IAA the honor and puts the first evidence of the plans for the future.

Infiniti follows a plan for growth, which was for six years. By 2016 we want to secure a market share of 10 percent in the premium segment worldwide. Thus, it is important to the Infinite also currently taking place on the IAA in Frankfurt waves the flag and makes an impression. This of course happens best when you show off new models in Europe first and expanding its centers.

A highlight of the new Infiniti model range is the Etherea, a concept study in terms of compact luxury cars. Here one might think that the terms “compact” and “luxury car” may not rise so right, but the proposed plan, according to first impressions, at least not missing. Of the visitors of the Infiniti Ethereal was already at least once enthusiastic and full of interest was added. Infiniti could thus raise its brand awareness through this very clear model here in Europe.

The concept car is a hybrid, and offers good handling and performance. Somehow, in the coupe over the sedan Etherea up to the crossover and everything in it even though it appears from the outside can be quite compact inside run into a lot of space. In combination with the daytime running lights, the headlamps lend Etherea also a vicious look.

Source: carsnew.org

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