New Hydrogen Filling Station Opened with Honda FCX Clarity

New Hydrogen Filling Station Opened with Honda FCX Clarity
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Article: New Hydrogen Filling Station Opened with Honda FCX Clarity

While the hydrogen infrastructure is in Germany is still in its infancy, is growing in Southern California, the network of filling stations that offer the “zero-emission fuel.” Torrance in the first U.S. station was opened, which is powered directly from an existing hydrogen pipeline. Conveniently located close to several motorway and the international airport of Los Angeles, it uses the existing industrial hydrogen pipeline from a nearby refinery. The station has several gas pumps, so that four vehicles will be refueled simultaneously in less than five minutes.

First private customer was a driver of a Honda FCX Clarity, the successor of the 2002 presented the first fully certified fuel cell car in the world. With the commissioning of the new station are the owners of the zero-emission sedan in Southern California now seven hydrogen filling stations. The FCX Clarity will be available there in limited quantities from dealers, more than two dozen are now on the road with private owners on the tax on California’s roads. “This is a positive step for our customers and the industry, because we send more and more vehicles with fuel cells on the streets and thus demonstrate the practical feasibility of this technology,” said Elmer Hardy, Senior Manger of the Department of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Sales & Marketing at American Honda Motor Corporation.

Similar results have also Thomas Brachmann, Senior Engineer Automotive Engineering & Research at reported in Offenbach am Main-based Honda R & D Europe, of course. Because the success of the emission-free drive technology, demonstrating its suitability for everyday use in Europe since October 2009, stands or falls with the number of accessible stations: “It is true also at the Industrial Park Höchst, near Frankfurt, a public hydrogen filling station with direct connections to the production of hydrogen found, but California is far ahead of us. The number of publicly accessible hydrogen filling stations in Germany is not nearly enough, but what work the federal government and all industries involved with high pressure. ”

Already in September 2009, Honda and other automobile producers had demanded in a joint press release to build a close-knit enough hydrogen fueling stations by 2015. Now the company hopes to mid-May with the announced entry into the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), to Europe’s leading project to demonstrate fuel cell vehicles and the promotion of the associated hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen movement in Europe to give new impetus.

The FCX Clarity

Driven by an electric motor, the current through an on-board fuel cell is produced, delivered the FCX Clarity in a quiet, clean performance. The only emission is water a little. The fuel efficiency of the FCX Clarity is three times higher than in a gasoline vehicle of similar size and twice as high as in a diesel-hybrid vehicle. By the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) certified range is 385 km, which corresponds to a theoretical range of 460 km in the new European driving cycle.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles From Honda As A Trailblazer

June 2002: The first generation Honda FCX fuel cell electric vehicle is the first certification under the standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

October 2002: The FCX is the world’s first fuel cell electric vehicle that is marketed as a production vehicle on the market (in the U.S. and Japan).

2003: The FCX is the first fuel cell electric vehicle that can be started at temperatures below freezing and operated.

July 2005: As the world’s first fuel cell electric vehicle, the Honda FCX is handed to a private buyer.

2008: As the first manufacturer Honda is building a dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle production line.

2008: Honda is the first manufacturer to build a dealer network for fuel cell electric vehicles.

2009: The FCX Clarity is the “World Green Car of the Year.”

2011: The first fuel cell electric vehicle, the FCX Clarity takes the pace car at a U.S. Indy Car Race in part.

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