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2010/11/09  Choi Onam, Translated by Jeong Inhoe
Photo Found in Feces

- Found in the restroom of Hyesan Art School
- The National Security Agency and Censorship Commission are involved in the search
- Authorities investigating citizens, teachers and students
- Recent attitudes toward Kim Jeong-il and Kim Jeong-eun, very cold

On October 18, a source of Yanggangdo reported that “around the middle of October, parts of the book ‘Brightening the Times of the Principal Agent’ was found inmmersed in feces in the female staff restroom of Hyesan Art School, Yanggangdo. The National Security Agency and Censorship Commission has been mobilized in an effort to find the perpetrator.” The book’ contained an image of Kim Jeong-il on the cover and it is therefore assumed that the act, of depositing the picture within the feces, was deliberate. In the North it is restricted by law to use any paper, with Kim Jeong-il’s picture printed on, instead of tissues.

This case was reported by a senior student of the art school. North Korea’s National Security Agency arrested Kim (36), an accordion teacher who used the restroom right before a student who is now strongly suspected as the perpetrator, and detained her for a total of three days. Although classes are still being held at the school, both students and teachers are undergoing the National Security Agency’s investigation which is, in turn, creating widespread unease. Citizens residing around the school are also being called in for strict investigation.

“Recently all we hear, from the moment we wake up, are reports that somebody has set fire to a laboratory(Note 1) or that someone has posted a denunciation of the Kim family on a wall(Note 2)” said the source delivering news on the cold attitude of citizens toward Kim Jeong-il and Kim Jeong-eun.

While the National Security Agency is busy searching for hidden spies, citizens criticize “the citizens of North Korea hate Kim Jeong-il. Does that make everyone a spy? They feel uncomfortable about passing on power, within the same family, for a third generation. The authorities have come all the way to this quiet school, saying that they are searching for spies and are making things more complicated whilst trying to vanquish the unwelcoming public atmosphere”. They even say “The General, who already has enough to do, cannot be at ease with his choice of successor, and must continue searching for spies until he dies.”

Lastly, the source delivered that “when we hear from college students who came to Baekdu mountain from Pyongyang, Pyongsung, Hamheung Danchun and even Haejoo, it seems that similar outcries are being made all over the country.” According to the source, if the government continues to capture and watch innocent people like this, an act of defiance - much harsher than writing or scribbles - will arise soon.

(Note1) In early October there was an arson attack at an Agricultural Laboratory located in Samsoo, Yanggangdo. Rumor says that it was the act of South Korean spies.
(Note2) “The anti Kim Jeong-eun movement has spread all over the country”

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